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Discover an easy way to become a confident chess player!


For the motivated beginning chess player of any age who is beginning to love chess but is struggling to win a chess game or just wants to simply get better.

…Because developing your chess skills doesn’t have to feel challenging and frustrating.

Here are some of the results we’ll build together:

  • If you’re a complete beginner, you’ll first learn the rules of the game.
  • Learn winning opening, middle and endgame strategies, including basic and advanced checkmates.
  • Recognize tactics. We’ll learn what this means to chess players, because being able to foresee patterns will help you quickly learn to make the winning move combination.
  • Develop a winning thinking method to win more chess games.
  • If desired, become a USCF (United States Chess Federation) member (if you are already not a member) and play in rated chess tournaments and know how to record your moves and know how to play with the clock. Playing in tournaments opens up exciting opportunities to play new people!

Make your chess dream come true!

The best way to get started is to download my FREE chess book, “How to Win at Chess By Answering Questions: An Essential Guide For New Players!” You’ll understand quickly how to progress from thinking about moving pieces to thinking strategy — thinking like a chess player.


Also check out the new book I wrote:

50 Poison Pieces50 Poison Pieces: Solve 50 Puzzles Where the Unprotected Pieces is Toxic

50 Poison Pieces, a fun puzzle book to help her students and any novice chess player to avoid capturing unprotected pieces that look safe to capture, which are actually poison! In each of the 50 unique puzzles that Lauren created, you are asked to figure out why capturing an unprotected piece is a mistake, or in other words, the poison piece. Next, you turn the page to learn why capturing that piece is the poison piece. Then immediately you are shown two alternative moves. One is bad and will lead to a losing position. But the other move puts you on track to a win. Which move will you pick? By learning to avoid capturing poison pieces, you will start to understand and use the most important chess strategy of all: always think ahead! Players rated under 1000 will especially benefit from 50 Poison Pieces. This book is endorsed by FM Eric Schiller, the author of more than 100 chess books, Alan Kirshner, the director of the Weibel Elementary School chess program, and Elizabeth Shaughnessy, the president and founder of the Berkeley Chess School, and Jessica Lauser, US Blind competitor and blitz expert.
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Lastly check out

Check out Lauren’s chess puzzle website: – which offers over 450 original and interactive two-choice puzzles for the novice who is familiar with base chess tactics. The puzzles are designed to help the user think at least one move ahead and identify simple tactics. This website is endorsed by FM James Eade, the author of the popular “Chess For Dummies” book, Dr. Judit Sztaray, the executive director of BayArea Chess, Alan Kirshner, the director of the Weibel Elementary School chess program, and Mr. G, a math Olympiads teacher based in Cupertino.

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