Endorsements for www.ChessByLauren.com

Do you like to solve interactive puzzles? Solution: I have an awesome chess puzzle website for beginners: www.ChessByLauren.com. This website is endorsed by FM James Eade, the author of the popular “Chess For Dummies” book, Dr. Judit Sztaray, the executive director of BayArea Chess, Alan Kirshner, the director of the Weibel Elementary School chess program, […]


CONGRATULATIONS TO MY STUDENT!! One of my students won 5 out of 5 games and won first place last weekend at a local chess tournament!  I have been coaching him for about 7 months!!  

November monthly chess meetup

Once a month, I organize a chess get-together for all my chess students and the general chess community. The purpose of the chess get-together is to play chess in a casual environment.  Players of all ages are welcome. Let’s have fun! If you are interested in coming, please contact me and I’ll send you the […]

Congratulations to Ann Mary!

Congratulations to my chess student, Ann Mary who won the Susan Polgar all-girls U400  chess tournament last weekend in Santa Clara, CA!  She won five out of five games and got clear first place!

October monthly chess meetup

My next meetup chess meetup will be on Friday, October 13, 2017 at Panera Bread on 1025 El Monte Ave, in Mountain View. It’s going to be from 7:30pm to 9pm. If you decide to come, please bring chess board and pieces, since I won’t have enough for everybody! If you have a chess clock, […]

San Francisco public library book talk pictures!

Today, I gave an exciting “50 Poison Pieces” book talk at the San Francisco public library. The purpose of the book is to figure out why taking an unprotected piece (poison piece) is a huge mistake! Here’s some pictures!

Come to my monthly chess get-together in Mountain View!

Hi everybody! On Friday, September 15th from 7:30 to 9pm, I’ll be hosting my monthly chess get-together for all of my chess students and the general chess community. The get-together will be held at Panera Bread, 1035 El Monte Ave, Mountain View. It’s all casual play. All skill levels are welcome. Please bring a chess […]

Sign up for Palo Alto Adult school chess class for adults

Hi everybody! I hope that everybody is enjoying their summer.  I’ll be teaching a 5 week beginners chess class for adults starting September 11 at the Palo Alto Adult school! If you or if you know anybody that’s interested,  click here to sign up!