50 Poison Pieces book!

Hi everybody! My beginner chess book, “50 Poison Pieces” is finally out on Amazon! In each of the 50 unique puzzles that I created, you are asked to figure out why capturing an unprotected piece is a mistake, or in other words, the poison piece. Next, you turn the page to learn why capturing that […]

Emily Ngyuen of 13 years Texas clears her first US junior Girls Championship

13 year old Emily Ngyuen of Texas cleared her first US junior Girls Championship with 6.5/9 rating. The US chess organizer of the year, Alex Releya congratulated Emily on her victory. The chess tournament was held in Manchester from 25th to 29th June. The competition was tough and there were ample of decisive games where […]

Chess: 5334 Problems, Combinations and Games Paperback by Laszlo Polgar introduces gigantic collection of chess puzzles

Laszlo Polgar, a Hungarian chess teacher and father of the chess masters Judith and Susan Polgar wrote Chess: 5334 Problems, Combinations and Games Paperback book in 2013 which is a perfect collection of chess problems that have been ever published and it comprises of 5334 instructional situations that is presented extraordinarily by Laslo Polgar who is […]

A great chess clock with exemplary features

The ZMF-II Chess Clock is basically a timer that has a LED display made of durable and long lasting steel body. The clock has dual timers wherein both the timers can be used simultaneously. There are different types of modes like, score keeper mode which imbibes the score keeper to use the clock during the […]

The Chess Grandmaster Maurice Ashley life is very inspiring for chess lovers

Maurice Ashley is a chess grand master, originally from Jamaica. Apart from being a Chess grandmaster, he is a motivational speaker, puzzle and app designer and author. Maurice earned the title of grandmaster in the year 1999 making him the first ever Jamaican chess master to earn the title.Maurice has been teaching Chess worldwide making […]