Online Group Chess Class

LaurenGoodkindChess_10-13-15-0152Are you having a hard time finding a chess teacher in your area? I offer group interactive online chess classes for beginners and intermediate players anywhere.

  • Who: The group online chess class is for dedicated adults, college students, mature high schoolers and children just starting to play chess or those who want to improve their game and meet their overall chess goals.
  • Where: I teach online chess lessons on, a very popular chess website. To communicate with each other, I also use Zoom, a popular and interactive webinar service. Students can see and hear me and even move the chess pieces on the platform!   Students must have a Zoom account, which is free.  Students don’t need a account, even though I highly encourage getting a free account.
  • How long and how much: I charge $30 for a 35 minute long interactive group lesson.  A six month lesson  package is $500.

Lesson Description

I teach opening, middle and endgame strategies, tactics (specific patterns in the position), as well as basic checkmates — the goal of every chess game.

In addition, since chess is a 100% mental game, I teach how to think while playing chess. Developing a winning mindset is crucial to win!

I also go over move-by-move games that my students have played in person or online to help make improvements tailored for the group.

Each lesson is uploaded on YouTube, so students can watch the online lesson video whenever they want to.

If the student has not already played in tournaments and is interested in playing in his or her first United States Chess Federation (USCF) tournament, I’ll quickly help them get prepared. Students learn to record their moves, play with a clock, sign up for the right section at the tournament, and more.

I strongly encourage my students to play chess often, so they can start gaining playing experience and develop their own unique playing style.

If you are interested in discussing the group online chess class for you, please fill out the form below to set up a personal strategy session with me on the phone so I can learn more about your chess goals.